Bar magnets Neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB)

Bar magnet NdFeB, brass body with fitting tolerance h6 and internal thread

PRODUCT INFORMATION: To differentiate the otherwise identical SmCo series the NdFeB bar magnets are coloured blue on the holding surface. Direct mounting of the bar magnet in iron reduced the holding power by up to 15% due to magnetic short circuiting. To avoid this, certain distances need to be maintained between the brass casing of the bar magnet and the iron. The distances are also to be adhered to if the bar magnet was shortened by dimension A. Please refer to the above column for recommended distances (distance mm).

The holding surface is ground and therefore not galvanised.

Alternative to the standard we also offer individual solutions:
» Stainless steel housing
» Housing completely galvanised to better corrosion protection
» Greater holding power
» Greater temperature until 280 °C
» Stainless steel pole shoes
Article number D mm H mm Thread MxL Force* N Weight g Temperature °C  
SG-6-Nd/h6M3x5 6 (h6) 20+0.2/-0.2 M3x5 10 4 80
SG-8-Nd/h6M3x5 8 (h6) 20+0.2/-0.2 M3x5 25 7.5 80
SG-10-Nd/h6M4x7 10 (h6) 20+0.2/-0.2 M4x7 45 11 80
SG-13-Nd/h6M4x7 13 (h6) 20+0.2/-0.2 M4x7 70 19.5 80
SG-16-Nd/h6M4x8 16 (h6) 25+0.2/-0.2 M4x8 150 38 80
SG-20-Nd/h6M6x6 20 (h6) 25+0.2/-0.2 M6x6 280 58 80
SG-25-Nd/h6M6x8 25 (h6) 35+0.3/-0.3 M6x8 450 130 80
SG-32-Nd/h6M6x6 32 (h6) 40+0.3/-0.3 M6x6 700 243 80
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¹ max. length by which the bar magnet can be shortened or machined without being damaged.