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Brugger is climate neutral again in 2021!

Urkunde Klimaneutral
We at Brugger have been a "Climate Positive" company since 2019. Every year, we have our greenhouse gas emissions caused by our company's activities and upstream products determined by Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG - and offset them. This is because we are aware of our special responsibility as a company toward future generations and act accordingly.

For 2021, we have offset our greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing 221 certificates from the "GS Forest Reforestation Uganda" project.

When our partner "Fokus Zukunft" talks about climate neutrality, it usually means offsetting greenhouse gas emissions.
This means that a particular action causes neither more nor less climate-damaging gases in the atmosphere overall. In concrete terms, this is achieved by saving or storing the same number of emitted greenhouse gases elsewhere.

For years, we have been striving to produce only very low emission values - many in-house measures have resulted in us being able to show excellent values for a company of our size. Through this commitment and the compensation through the acquired certificates, we are one of the first companies in our industry that voluntarily compensates its emissions according to the Kyoto Protocol!