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Brugger is once again an attractive employer!

Two years ago Brugger GmbH already received the award „attractive employer“ from the Chamber of Commerce and Indstry (IHK). Now the company from Hardt has confirmed again, that it belongs to the best throughout Germany: at a renewed auditing Brugger Magnetsysteme GmbH could impress again with excellent results.

Having a rest on the good results from 2016? This never has been an option for the managers Thomas Brugger and Georg Brugger-Efinger. At the time they received already the silver seal for the audit, which the Chamber of Commerce and Industry organizes throughout Germany. The audit made on the basis of several aspects includes the company as well as its environement. „Resting is not an option for us because we have to continue growing up our structures“, emphasizes Brugger-Efinger. However, the medium-sized company is more than satisfied with what they have achieved so long. „We are proud of what we are doing – and it shows us that we are on the right track“. The company with nearly 115 employees improved at the reaudit and reached nearly the golden seal. „You are the third best company having been examined until now“, classified Hugo Frey, project leader of the IHK the results at their presentation to the whole staff. He emphasized that Brugger GmbH is „one of the most attractive employers in Germany“ - as the criteria for the classifying are strong, the failure rate of about 40 % is high. The basic of the audit is the employee survey, which takes a part of 70 % of the valuation. Frey: „This shows that you treat your employees well“.
The chief manager of the IHK, Thomas Albiez, takes the success of the seal as a common one, „same as the success of the company“. Everyone is a part of the gear and each employee should be aware of the great value which creates his doing. In his opinion companies like Brugger are the „best home for employees“. Why? „there is no anonymity and the management is anxious for the enterprise‘s survival“. Therefore the middle-class is a guarantor, „that in our region we are fine“. The responsibles at Brugger are aware, that this is not an immediate success. Directly after the audit in 2016 they took action for further improvements in order to ensure more satisfaction on the staff‘s side. Thanks to the detailed report of IHK project manager Frey, the managment at Brugger knew, in which field improvements were possible. For that reason management development is important in order to push the already good coexistence. Basically, however, it is important not to consider the different action fields individually „there are some interactions – but it‘s good that we have an indicator for the points which should be treated“, so Thomas Brugger.
Therefore resting is not an option for the team of Brugger Magnetic Systems. Thomas Brugger and Georg Brugger-Efinger and the whole staff want driving forward and remaining one of the most attractive employers throughout Germany.