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„Brugger with all senses“ supports young people with sensory disabilities

Spende stiftung st. franziskus
At Buggers „Day of Health“ the employees puzzled out over 1000 points at a quiz referring senses as a benefit for young people with sensory disabilities.

This year‘s day of health with the subject „senses“ was organised again by Brugger employees with information and hands-on activities around humain sensory organs.

Another noun for the taste buds on the tongue? How much skin does an adult person have? Those and other questions could be answered at different activity stands. At the quiz the employees could collect health points. All correct answers added together made 1026 points, which the direction turned into Euros.

The students of the new special vocational school St. Klara at the foundation St. Franziskus in Heiligenbronn, benefit from the donnation of 1.026 € supporting their fundraising project named „We make school. Join us!“.

The Employees who organised the day of health together with commercial manager Thomas Brugger, visited the foundation in order to handover the donnation. At that occasion they could inform themselves about the construction progress of the new school. Anna-Maria Kallweit, responsible for the fundraising at St. Franziskus, explained the characteristics, like a sound insulation for avoiding backgroundnoise. The insulation helps the disabled adolescents to better concentrate. Moreover a special illumination facilitates learning for students with disabled visual sense. During the guide, the visitors could get knowledge about the two oldest jobs, between eleven, which can be learnt in Heiligenbronn: Basketmaker and Brushmaker.

Brugger for some time is keeping a partnership with the foundation and several times already has supported the fundraising campaign „We make School“. More information on:

Photo: employees of Brugger, commercial manager Thomas Brugger, personnel manager Eva-Maria Rapp and the fundraising responsible of St. Franziskus, Anna-Maria Kallweit, in front of the construction site of the new vocational school St. Klara for sensory disabled young people.

Text and Photo: Foundation St. Franziskus