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Brugger's Girl's Day 2017

Girlsday 2017
Getting insights in technical jobs, using own skills and at the end taking home a self made game: all this was possible at Brugger's Girl's Day.

One press of a button is enough to move the impressive CNC-milling machine – with a tremendous precision it mills small round cavities out of the plastic plate. Right next to the machine are two of the four girls, using that day to watch behind the backdrop at the specialist in magnetic affairs.

„This is the heart of our tool manufacturing“, explains Michael Fichter the importance of the machine and describes its technical functionality. Together with his collegue Janet Matosoglu, the tool mechanic answers that day to alln of the schoolgirl's questions with the aim to approach them their passion for this job. How to succeed best? Of course, when giving them the possibility of self acting. Therefore the focus at the 6th Brugger's Girl's Day is put on the manufacture of a magnetic board game. The cavities milled out before are the base for the game. But that's not all. „At the workbench we work the edges with saw and file“, explains tool mechanic Matosoglu. Into the cavities later are put coloured metal plates. However, the core competence of Brugger should not be missed – so magnetic figures are completing the game. Finally the plates are personalized: the engraving of the girl's names makes each game a real unique one.

But what is the most important aim of this day for the girls? „We want to give them insights in magnetism and assembly work“, the two tool mechanics resume. „important are skills like spacial thinking, reading technical drawings and technical understanding“. One thing is obvious that day: the varied job could be presented successfully.