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Day of Health 2014

This year our Day of Health was focussed on the slogan „slow down – speed is not all“ with the idea of a slow but conscious movement and nutrition. Moreover the conscious for the own health was worked out and the motivation for a autonomously handling of health.

Several teams walked along a certain route around Hardt (route I with 4 km or route II with 6 km) within a time fixed in advance. The determined time had to be observed as exactly as possible by without looking at a watch, but only with the help of the inner body sensation. It wasn't important who arrived first, but who had the best sense of time....

All employees later had the possibility to move at different stations on the factory site. At the goal wall shooting and basketball hoop, accuracy was asked. At the neuro-fitness station coordination of body and mind was necessary.

Health points could be collected during the walk and at the different excercises. All in all were collected 979 health points by the participants. The points were rounded up to 1000 and so 1000 Euro will be donated to „LichtBlicke“, a neighbourhood assistance in Hardt.

At the end we had a common rustic breakfast with regional food. Hereby the participants had the possibility to bring self made culinary deligths or food from their own garden.

The aim of this event: with serenity and attentiveness to success!