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Day of Health 2016 – Brugger in leisure time

An unusual impression offered the delivery hall that morning at Brugger: where usually suppliers unload their goods, we could find not only a huge modell railway and patchwork products, but also motorcycles were put next ot each other. This was a clear indication: the day of health was on plan. "Our idea is, to raise the awareness for the health", explains managing director Thomas Brugger the reason for creating such an event in the company once a year. "The last five years we always chose another slogan in order to bring into play the different aspects of health – at the same time we want to strengthen the community between the employees". The slogan this time was: "Brugger in leisure time".
In the focus were the Brugger employees' different hobbies, which that day could be presented to their collegues. "Although this is not a specific health aspect, our aim is to show the appreciation we have for our employees by taking notice of each individual person" told Brugger.
An aspect which also emphasizes Bianca Whiel, health trainer at Brugger. Such an event not only strengthens teamwork but also can promote awareness for the own health. Finally, leisure time is necessary for the health of everyone. This also applies to Thomas Brugger who opened the day of health with welcoming us by his hobby: singing. Loudly all together we sang the song "I love the springtime" despite the rainy weather that day. Thereafter musiscian collegues played an opening concert with wind instruments and percussion. Good humoured we later visited the ten stands where collegues informed about their activities in leisure time and at the same time we could participate in a Quiz. The presentations where of great diversity: the passion for oldtimer motor bikes – especially those of NSU Motorworks, hiking, photography, drawing, football, model railway, patchwork or ,like director Georg Brugger-Efinger does, beekeeping.

Practical advice, which furthermore can save lives, could be obtained at the first aid presentation by collegues who are members at the red cross and by comrades of the volunteer fire department. It became obvious that a lot of us during their leisure time are looking for balance to their daily work in different ways. The musical conclusion was followed by the traditionell ending of our day of health – a healthy and rich breakfast.

Moreover the day of health every year helps to support a good purpose – so this time the employees all together in a quiz game reached 801 scores. The scores were transformed into Euros and then rounded up to 1000 Euros. The donation is dedicated to the kindergarden St. Elisabeth in Hardt.