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Day of Health - „Brugger keeps healthy"

The theme of the 7th day of Health at Brugger Magnetic Systems was: „Brugger keeps healthy". The purpose not only was to have fun but also to strengthen the community.

There is always a special atmosphere when the Brugger staff meets in the court of the company all the more when the sun shines and reinforces the good mood of everybody. The sun was important for one group of the in all 83 employees who hiked around Hardt with their colleague, Gerlinde Haas from the local group of the „Black Forest Club“ in Hardt. During the five kilometers on the „Farm Path“ the hikers could not only enjoy the beautiful landscape but also talk more personal to their colleagues. Moreover hiking guide Gerlinde knew a lot about history and told interesting anecdotes from the several centuries old farms like „Trosten Farm“ and „Baschis Farm“.

In the meantime in the conference room, Martina Stockburger and Bianca Wiehl offered the second activity of this day: „mental training“ and „how to keep the back healthy“. Those who expected a relaxed morning didn‘t take into account the energical trainers. Martina Stockburger after some relaxation exercises put the focus on coordination exercises in order to activate the brain halfs. What at the beginning seemed to be quite easy, later when practising was a real challenge: clapping the hands one after the other while doing steps in a certain sequence drove some employees to the verge of dispair. The exercise where two small balls where thrown into the air and then caught with crossed hands, was difficult to treat as well.

Bianca Wiehl had helping advices about exercises which helps with problems in the back. The participants learned that a lopsided jaw joint also can cause pain in the back and a massage of the feet can help at back complaints.

The most important thing however was: having fun! After the return of the hikers, the breakfast, which has been prepared by two colleages during several days, could be enjoyed.

Different cheese and cold cuts, melon skewers and salmon rols as well as fruits, yogurts and cereals were offered – as a balanced nutrition is important for health and well-being, too.

For Thomas Brugger the day of health is a fix part of the company‘s annual course. What‘s the idea behind? „With the activities this year we want to bring more movement into the every day life“, explains Brugger. One aspect of the day of health in the broadest sense is to settle a good team spirit which also promotes health. „And by the way“, emphasizes the managing director, „such events show up the talents of the employees, which later can be used in our daily work and help to lead the colleages to the aim, they would like to reach“.

Traditionally the day of health is used to support a certain social project. This year Burgger made a donnation of 1000 € to the „Black Forest Club“ Hardt.