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Day of health - Brugger relaxes

The 8th day of health at Brugger Magnete in Hardt took place with the slogan „Brugger relaxes“ and was the start-up for the newoperational health management.

„In a healthy body is living a healthy mind“, this expression for the managers Thomas Brugger and Georg Brugger-Efinger is reason enough to be committed to the topic „health“. „We want to raise awareness for the own health – finally we only have one of it“, so Brugger. Therefore the specialist for magnets has brought to life the day of health which in the meantime is included as an integral part to the year. So this time again the whole staff was called up and divided into two groups in order to learn in turns about two themes concerning „relaxation“.
On the one hand health educator and fitness trainer Matthias Schinle informed about stress and the resulting need of relaxation and as a conclusion he recommended to listen to our body. „The constant accessibility is a brutal factor which produces stress“, so Schinle. At the same time, due to modernization, our bodies have to perform less and less, what at the end needs compensatory measures. It‘s not only important to keep moving but also to change regularly the movement sequences and to involve many areas of the body in order to avoid one-sided loading. With simple balancing exercises we can relax in between, even at the workplace. Especially shoulder and neck area nowadays are vulnerable and therefore in special consideration. On a special day in autumn the health of the Brugger employees shall again be put into focus – in order to create sustainability.
And the second part of relaxation? It took place in the shipping hall. In the hall where usually the staff ensures a scheduled delivery, layed out exercise mats for Yoga exercises. Conny Flaig, a member of the Brugger-staff who instructs yoga in her leisure time, was in command. Together with her colleagues she went the „way to the inside“ in order to create awareness for the body. The shipping hall became a place of „muse, rest and silence“, however some of the exercises posed quite a challenge, but nobody shirked.
After the two stations the groups met again with a smile and a relaxed face. A reason therefore probably was the upcoming breakfast which, as every year, was prepared by Lukas Gramlich, a Brugger colleague as well. Everything the heart desires was offered: various saussages and cheeses, matjes salad, salmon and trout canapés as well as fruit salad and yogurt.
For manager Thomas Brugger, the 8th day of health not only was important for improving the community but also to launch the new operational health management: „We want our team getting more into action“.The staff shall be mobilized with the aim to perceive meaning and purpose. „They should understand that physical activities are helpful“, so Brugger.