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Day of Health – „Brugger with all senses“

Which senses do people have and what are they good for? At this year‘s day of health with the theme „Brugger – with all senses“ this subject was treated intensively. The focus was put on creating awareness for oneself, for the own senses, for oneselfs body and ones whole physical comfort.

On that sunny morning when meeting in the delivery hall, the employees didn‘ t begin their working day with the production or in the office, however, at the stands built up all over the hall. For the 6th time the day of health took place at Brugger. Its idea is „ create an awareness around the subject „Health“ „, so managing directorThomas Brugger. Different teams presented information about the theme „senses“, in order to give their collegues an understanding about the different sensory perceptions.

„It is important to us that our employees deal with other subjects beside work“, explains Thomas Brugger, who considers the day of health not only as an appreciation but also as a balance and training.

The focus layed on the five senses: feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling. But how to present those? Around that tricky task the involved responsibles showed a great creativity. At one stand different boxes were filled with moss, a wig, glibbery gelballs, sawdust and straw. Things which seem to be felt easily, actually represent a great challenge. Another stand informed about the taste, for example, on which part of our tongue is the area for perceiving sweat, sour, salty or bitter food? And, how does colour of food influence perception? Therefore could be tasted different coloured, but actually identic yoghurts.

At another place „seeing“ was on topic: optical illusions and glasses, which simulate eye diseases, were only a part of the project. Furthermore were taken photos of each employee, in order to create a collage as a memory of that day. A hearing test and a presentation of the referring organ as well as a station for guessing different smellings completed the exhibition.

For that day a particular surprise was previed: fitting the occasion, a barefootpath was inaugurated and has been used actively. „We want to stimulate feeling of feet and train the foot muscles“, explains Thomas Brugger.

Finally we could exercise our senses with a large breakfast, offered by the management and prepared by some of the employees.

This day of health reminded us of the foundation „St. Franziskus“ in Heiligenbronn. At a quiz concerning senses, all participants together reached the score of 1.026 points, which were transformed in a donnation of 1.026 Euro for the foundation.