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EMAS Audit successfully passed

Intechnica Cert GmbH, Nürnberg confirmed our company again the certification of EMAS. In their valuation report are mentioned five „particular highlights“ which make us very proud.

Besides the aspect „order and cleanliness on the highest level“- for us a matter of course - the report emphasizes our activities in cooperation with our chinese purchasers in order to increase transparency of our value chain.  
Our „global view and investments regarding efficiency improvement of energy and material as well as their intelligente use“ were praised. The success of the measures taken can be read in the figures of our sustainability report. 

Worth mentioning was our local heating project, which has been realized in cooperation with our neighbour carpenter's Flaig. From his pellet-heating has been placed a direct line to our company and now provides us with climate neutral energy made of wooden chips. We herewith could replace our oil-fired heating, the last emmission source of our factory.

All these facts approach us with big steps to our superior aim, becoming not only a CO2-neutral but also a climate positive company. For this target we also consider indirect measures, as for example the travel to work of our employees with company owned pedelecs.

The next Audit will take place in 2019. Until then we will not rest ourselves on what we have achieved. We will rather increase our efforts in sustainability in order to justify our reputation of being a sustainable enterprise among the manufacturer of magnet systems.