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Employees Honoured for Their Years of Service

Thomas and Georg Brugger honoured employee Edgar Fuß, who celebrated 40 years with the company and Stefan Sohmer and Peter Wentzel who both celebrated 25 years of service. 

Brugger Magnetsysteme continues to attract, even on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its founding. This milestone was celebrated in the new production hall at the company's headquarters in the Hardt business park. Many visitors, including business partners, employees, friends and the community, even Lord Mayor Herbert Halder, gathered at the festively decorated hall to congratulate the company founders.
The fact that company founder Rudolf Brugger moved the company headquarters to this expanded business park on the outskirts of Hardt in 1995 was a "stroke of luck for the community" because Brugger has been a solid company that has continued to provide good and secure jobs in the area. Innovative technological advancements and a comprehensive environmental management system demonstrate that the sons of the founder are not stuck in the present, but will continue to uphold their company's power of attraction well into the future.
The company intends to demonstrate this with an exhibit of its achievements the first day of its Open House, announced Klaus Lamprecht on behalf of the employees.
Thomas and Georg Brugger along with IHK president and CEO Thomas Albiez honoured long-term employees Stefan Sohmer and Peter Wenzel were recognised for their 25 years of service while Edgar Fuß celebrated 40 years with the company.