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Employees keep their brains fit with mental training

Mental fitness training in order to improve performance in profession and to increase pleasure in life: a reason for Brugger GmbH Magnetsysteme in Hardt to offer their employees a mental training.

Holding two balls in the hands, throwing them up into the air and then catching them again with crossed hands. That sounds to be an easy task, however, it is a difficult but at the same time an effective excercise which needs to link both brain halfs and helps to get mental fittness. This very task could be trained at Brugger, where during the last weeks took place 10 training sessions with mental trainer Christian Blessing. Background is the annual offer of Brugger GmbH to it‘s employees to participate in health courses which are determined with the help of a survey – this year‘s survey, mental training was at the top of interest. The training, a welcome diversion as well as an effective mental training, „...helps to create synaptic connections in our „control centre“, the brain“, explains Blessing. The qualified motivation trainer uses the proved mental training system „Powerbrain“ in order to activate the Brugger-employees mentally and spiritually with the help of a special combination consisting of information, relaxation and movement.

The stated aim was to get along better and more flexible with the continual growing requirements in profession. „That includes a better handling of stressful situations, the reduction of error rates and the support of creativity“, the mental trainer reports. The result should be, that the employees keep calm and concentrated at their daily challenges – at work as well as in private life. This not only is achieved with tasks where both brain halfs are synchronized, mental training moreover analizes the personal strategy of perception. „Simple techniques shall help to release from bad emotions and to break down stress symptoms“

For Brugger who has adopted health management as it‘s own, mental training is another component in order to ensure the well-being of it‘s employees. Movement and coordination challenges to our brain not only increase the performance in profession but also happiness in life – and that means satisfied employees.

Photo: Christian Blessing