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Girlsday 2014

Girls explore technical jobs

In some technical and scietific professions in the meanwhile some young women are represented, in other professional groups however there still has to be done a lot......

Also we are trying continuously waking up the interest of girls for technical jobs and we therefore participated this year again in the national Girlsday which enabled two girls to inspect the job of a mechanic for tools.

Very important for us always is that the girls can „lend a hand“. With the support of our toolmechanic, Janet Matosoglu, the both girls manufactured a magnetic board game. Therefore they had to work on the CNC milling machine where they engraved a personal writing. Later they had to punch, to insert small metall plates, to chamfer, to file. By doing that the girls learned a lot about the profession of a tool mechanic.

At the end of the day, the girls went home tired through many impressions but nevertheless very enthusiastic. Perhaps one of them even decides to learn a technical job?