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TECHNOlino inspires kids

Technolino 2017
When in Hardt the production areas of Brugger Magnetic Systems GmbH, the turner Laufer and the carpenters Flaig are populated with curious kids, then we know: „TECHNOlino“, their common technical project, is on the agenda.

Recently the children of Kindergarten St. Elisabeth made their annual visit at local companies in Hardt. The supra-regional project has been initiated by the association Südwestmetall in order to awake children‘s interest for science and technology already before going to school. During their visit in the three companies the children manufactured a wooden train, which was completed during the project to one piece.

They started traditionally at the carpenters Flaig where the wooden pieces of the vehicle were grinded and drilled. At Brugger the children fist made a tour through the factory with Heiko Merz, quality manager, and Thomas Brugger. Then the special field of Brugger was subject. The little guests could magnetize the magnets and mount the couplings themselves at the wagons and the train. Under the guidance of the two specialists, who first showed and explained a detailled plan about the train, the children worked with a lot of dexterity and pleasure – the train was growing more and more…

The project was completed in the neigbourghood at company Laufer where the train got its wheels, again mounted by the kids themselves.

The common project another time showed how enthousiasm for handcraft and technical professions can be transmitted to children already before school.