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Attraktiver Arbeitgeber
This award really pleased us and we are very proud of it. Because we are aware that the silver award is nothing granted. It does not represent a short-term corporate strategy, but it reflects above all our long-standing focus that all employees shall be actively involved in the development of our company. Our company success can mainly be attributed to the great commitment and efficiency of all Brugger employees. That is why this award was not only given to our Management Board but to all Brugger members. Only by looking ahead together into the future and shaping together the company development will we be able to stay competitive and to be successful in the long term.

The audit investigated the aspects leadership and corporate culture, apprenticeship and further training, family friendliness, health management, and the payment and certification system, and summarized these items all in a final report. The report gave us clues on which points we should refine and on how we can preserve these good results. Because we do not want to rest on our laurels, but we shall continue to walk this way and to progress.