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Bar magnets of Samarium-Cobalt (SmCo)

Bar magnets of SmCo, steel body with fitting tolerance h6

Article number D mm H mm A¹ mm Force* N Weight g Temperature °C  
S4PSM 4 (h6) 20+0.2/-0.2 15 2 1 200
S5PSM 5 (h6) 20+0.2/-0.2 15 4 3 200
S6PSM 6 (h6) 20+0.2/-0.2 15 6 4.5 200
S8PSM 8 (h6) 20+0.2/-0.2 15 10 8 200
S10PSM 10 (h6) 16+0.2/-0.2 11 25 10 200
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¹ max. length by which the bar magnet can be shortened or machined without being damaged.
* The forces have been determined at room temperature on a plate in polished steel (S235JR according to DIN 10 025) with a thickness of 10 mm (1kg ~ 10N). A maximum deviation of -10% compared to the specified value is possible in exceptional cases. Value is exceeded in general. Small cracks in the magnetic material do not influence the force. Depending on the type of application (installation situation, temperatures, counter anchor etc.) the forces can be influenced enormously. The indicated values are serving as an orientation. Please get advice and help from our experts.