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Raw magnets of Neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB)

Disc magnet of NdFeB 20-23 mm

NdFeB magnets can be produced in almost every desired size and without tool costs. Even very small quantities are possible. To protect them from corrosion, they are nickel/copper/nickel (NiCuNi) coated. The specified temperature refers to the maximum operating temperature of the material. The resistance may be reduced due to the geometry.

Alternative to the standard we also offer individual solutions:
» customised dimensions
» modified directions of magnetisation
» other types of magnetisation
» further qualities up to N54
» increased operating temperatures up to 220°C
» self-adhesive on one side due to an additional film
» customer-specific forms (e.g. cubes, cones, balls, segments)
» other coatings (e.g. zinc-plated, gold-plated, epoxy-coated)
Article number Grade D mm H mm Magnetization Force* N Weight g Temperature °C  
RM023NdSb99ng02 N35 23+0/-0.5 12+0.1/-0.1 axially 135 37 80
RM023NdSb99ng00 N35 23+0/-0.5 21+0.1/-0.1 axially 180 66 80
RM023NdSb99ng01 N48 23+0/-0.5 21+0.1/-0.1 axially 230 66 80
SSNT 240h
Magnetized via the height (H)