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Raw magnets of Aluminum-nickel-cobalt (AlNiCo)

Horseshoe magnet made of AlNiCo, classical form, painted in red

For the production of AlNiCo magnets, moulds are often required. Therefore, not every desired dimension can be realised. Simple forms and small quantities can be cut from blocks or bars. If the surface is painted, the maximum operating temperature corresponds to the temperature resistance of the paint.

As an alternative to our standard product we offer:
» customised dimensions
» customised forms
» further qualities
» other colours

Article number Grade B mm H mm D mm d mm d1 mm d2 mm Force* N Surface Weight g Temperature °C  
RM028ACSo88r-00 ANC5 8 25.4 28.6 9.5 6.7 22.9 26 red 31 180
RM028ACSo88rh00 ANC5 8 25.4 28.6 9.5 6.7 22.9 26 raw 31 450
RM080ACSo88mf00 ANC5 15 80 60 8 32 red-green 168 180