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Raw magnets of Neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB)

Ring magnet of NdFeB 24-56 mm

The temperature indicated refers to the maximum operating material temperature. However, that value can be reduced according to geometry.

As an alternative to the standard we also offer individual solutions:
"Magnets also available in other dimensions
" Operating temperature also possible up to max. 180 °C
"other magnetisation types possible
"Magnet quality up to N52 can be produced
Article number Grade D mm d mm H mm Magnetization Force* N Weight g Temperature °C  
MNARm32x10x2 N35 32+0.2/-0.2 10.5+0.2/-0.2 2+0.1/-0.1 axially 42 11 80
MNARm38x12x4 N40 38+0.1/-0.1 12+0.1/-0.1 4+0.1/-0.1 axially 110 30 80
MNARm48x15x5 N35 48+0.2/-0.2 15+0.1/-0.1 5+0.1/-0.1 axially 165 61 80
MNARm56x15x6 N35 56+0.2/-0.2 15+0.1/-0.1 6+0.1/-0.1 axially 230 102 80
SSNT 240h
Magnetized via the height (H)