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Raw magnets of Neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB)

Ring magnet of NdFeB 8-20 mm with reduction

The temperature indicated refers to the maximum operating material temperature. However, that value can be reduced according to geometry.

As an alternative to the standard we also offer individual solutions:
"Magnets also available in other dimensions
" Operating temperature also possible up to max. 180 °C
"other magnetisation types possible
"Magnet quality up to N52 can be produced
Article number Grade D mm d mm H mm Magnetization Force* N Weight g Temperature °C  
MNARm12x3.5x3 N35 12+0.1/-0.1 3.5+0.1/-0.1 3+0.1/-0.1 axially 18 2.2 80
MNARm15x4.5x3.5 N35 15+0.1/-0.1 4.5+0.1/-0.1 3.5+0.1/-0.1 axially 29 3.7 80
MNARm18x4.5x4 N35 18+0.1/-0.1 4.5+0.1/-0.1 4+0.1/-0.1 axially 41 6.5 80
SSNT 240h
Magnetized via the height (H)