Magnetic catches

Magnet assembly to be clipped into aluminium profiles

Mounting rail magnets offer an easy fixing for doors, covers, metal housings, tools and accessories ( for example at assembly workstations). Due to an easy mounting and the possibility of a fast dismantling these magnets are also useful with fair constructions.

The magnet assembly can be clipped into the groove. It is freely movable or can be fixed by a threaded pin. The magnetic core is protected by a plastic cover and has a large magnet area in the groove. The magnetic system is lying nearly plan and has a closed, smooth adhesive surface which avoids scratches on the surface and the concentration of metal shavings.

Alternative to the standard we also offer individual solutions:
» Plastic housing in special colours
» Temperature resistance up to 150°C

Article number L mm B mm b mm H mm Force* N Weight g Temperature °C suitable for profiles  
new MS041NdRe03K-00 41 6 9.50 10.20 10 4.5 80 30x30 groove 6
new MS041NdRe04K-00 41 8 11.60 9.30 18 6 80 30x30 groove 8
new MS041NdRe04K-02 41 8 12.50 12.90 18 7 80 40x40 groove 8
new MS041NdRe04K-01 41 10 13.70 13.20 18 7.5 80 45x45 groove 10
Packaging unit 10 pieces