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Girlsday 2019

The Girls‘ Day at Brugger Magnetsysteme GmbH not only offered fascinating insights behind the scenes of production. The girls themselves could take action in order to get enthousiastic about the profession of a tool mechanic.

„Before it was a single case, today the interest of women in a craft profession has increased significantly.“ Janet Matosoglu knows what she is talking about. The tool maker has been working at the magnetic specialist for more than 10 years and remembers her beginning when female collegues were extremely rare. „Today in our department we are four women“, tells Matosoglu. One of them snuffed in at Brugger‘s Girls‘ Day six years ago– and later decided to do an apprenticeship which she completed successfully in February. For the experienced tool maker it therefore is obvious: „This day is really effective!“.

For this reason the manufacturer of permanent magnetic assemblies once again decided to invite girls from the region in order to give an understanding of the company and in order to overcome the fear of technology. Pia Faller, Maja Ruf, Maylin Anhod and Hanna Benner (all 13 yers old), who all are going to school in Schramberg accepted that offer. „I never before have been in such a plant and I was interested in taking a look“, tells Maylin and adds with a smile: „I like it very much“. No wonder, the 13-year old girl and her friend Pia are allowed to run the big CNC-milling machine – under guidance of course.

Michael Fichter, aother tool mechanic, shows the girls how the machine works and what it is able to produce. During the milling of small slots into a plexiglass plate, maylin asks, how the machine knows were it has to mill. „This was programmed before“, explains Fichter and shows a bit later the result. They already can divine that the plate will become a game board which the schoolgirls will take home later as a souvenir. „Into the slots are put small metall plates, so the game board will become magnetic“, tells Fichter, who by the way is happy having female collegues. „If there only were men, it would be a little bit boring“, he laughs. At the Girls‘ day he therefore, together with Matosoglu, ensures that the girls get many fascinating insights. While the milling machine is engraving the names of Maylin and Pia into the plate, Maya and Hanna some meters away are active on their own: with a file the plates have to be brought into shape. „At this step they need to work exactly and skillfully“, explains Matosoglu. „It‘s a bit a matter of feeling to hold the file correctly“. However she is satisfied with the result of the girls. From her point of view the Girls‘ day disproves that handcraft is reserved for men. „As it doesn‘t depend on physicall skils but on technical skills“, Matosoglu means. She therefore is curious wether one of the four girls, who this year could snuff in at Brugger, someday will be her colleague.