Food industry

Magnetic systems in the food industry: For quality with safety

In few other industrial sectors is purity from pollutants, germs and other foreign bodies as important as in the food industry. Deficiencies in cleanliness throughout the entire production chain are not only associated with health hazards for consumers. They can also cause considerable economic damage to manufacturing companies. Accordingly, it is important to install a fundamental and consistent safety management system. Magnetic systems from Brugger are an important part of this.

Where can magnet systems provide safety in food production?

Magnet systems are used in the food industry especially where metallic contaminants are involved. This applies in particular to undesirable metal particles in food production. For example, metal contamination (from large parts such as screws to the smallest chips) and bacterial growth in product channels or pipelines, or foreign bodies in the form of metal contaminants. These can enter the food production chain in a number of ways:

  • Entry of contaminated material

  • Machine wear and tear

  • Maintenance of the production line

These metallic contaminants can be very consequential: In addition to machine damage and production downtime, they also include contaminated products and product rejects, combined with health hazards for consumers and possibly claims for damages. With our magnet systems, we at Brugger support food manufacturers in eliminating metallic contamination and thus guaranteeing food safety and quality.

Which magnet systems are particularly suitable for the food industry?

As already described, magnets and magnet systems are particularly suitable for the detection or removal of metallic contaminants in food production processes. Two solutions are particularly suitable here:

  • Magneticfilter rods have been specially developed for the food industry. The neodymium magnetic rods are extremely strong and effectively remove small ferromagnetic contaminants from mass flows in pipelines. With our strongest types, even the finest, weakly magnetic impurities, such as wear particles, can be removed. Magnetic filter bars are the basis of many magnetic separators, such as magnetic grids, cleanflow magnets and magnetic filters for pressure lines.
  • Magneticfilter grids (or magnetic filter grilles) are placed at key locations, such as a feed point or collection hopper, to filter the finest magnetic and even weakly magnetic ferrous contaminants from well-flowing powders and granulates. Our magnetic filters are equipped with a control function and thus ensure reliable and efficient cleaning of the material. With our magnetic filters, we help to make food production safer and of higher quality.

In concrete terms - magnetic systems from Brugger are used in food production for

  • filtering metal particles from liquids

  • filtering metallic impurities from and at feeding systems

  • filtering particles from dry foodstuffs

Application examples