REACH - Registration obligation for chemical substances

REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals. REACH is designed to ensure that the use of chemical substances can be tracked from production to end use.

The regulation has had to be followed since 1.6.2018, it standardises chemicals law across Europe and increases the level of knowledge about hazards and risks that chemicals can pose. The REACH regulation is considered one of the strictest chemicals laws in the world.
For Brugger, it is a matter of course to have followed it consistently for years.
The following applies: Anyone who manufactures or imports a substance in a quantity of 1 tonne per year for the first time (including mixtures of substances) must register it. The agency responsible is called ECHA and is based in Finland. All substances or mixtures of substances imported into the EU or used or produced by European manufacturers must be registered - the ECHA database of registered substances can be used for this purpose. In this registration it must also be stated whether and in which form this substance or substance mixture has a harmful effect on humans.

SVHC - a list with a lot to do

REACH contains a list of candidates for substances (or mixtures of substances) of very high concern - SVHC. In other words, substances that are to be classified as particularly harmful in terms of hazardousness. For these substances mentioned in the SVHC candidate list, we have to inform our customers that they may be included. Depending on the material, there may also be bans on the use of certain articles.

For us as a manufacturer, it is important to be a pioneer in this area as well. We are now in a position to indicate the proportions in the product for (almost) all the substances / substance mixtures we use, both in total and in relation to the individual components. In addition, we can show whether and, if so, why a product is or is not REACH- or RoHS-compliant. For REACH, for example, we indicate the information obligation if an SVHC substance is contained in the product (or in a component of the product).

Another Brugger success story!

When it comes to the correct registration of magnetic materials, we do not compromise. Since the beginning of 2020, the registration task has been in the hands of a product law firm in Augsburg and the registration of the substances we have to register has been completed in the meantime - a years-long process of registration is thus behind us.
It is enormously important to us that we are legally compliant on the market, we have achieved this and are one of the few producers who operate safely on the market - we can essentially supply our customers with everything they need to break down the products :
- Lists that list possible SVHC substances
- List and name RoHS exemptions
- Name materials that must not be used in certain cases.

Improving also means renewing! We attach great importance to transparent, sustainable action.
Our partners can rely on this!