Deep pot magnets

Deep pot magnets are magnet systems in which a strong magnet is placed in a cylindrical housing. Deep pot magnets are used in applications such as machine, tool and fixture construction or paint shops.

Our deep pot magnets for a pinpoint and precise force effect!

Deep pot magnets are magnet systems with a cylindrical body (housing) and are typically characterised by their great height. The housing is usually made of steel into which the raw magnet is embedded, as with pot magnets. Deep pot magnets with brass housings, on the other hand, are constructed with a transverse raw magnet and two adjacent metal pieces (also known as a pole shoe system) in order to achieve a high magnetic field concentration or holding force. The outer diameter is ground to fit, depending on the article group, and enables firm and precise installation. Deep pot magnets can generate very high forces on the smallest diameter. Our range includes diameters between 6 and 63mm with holding forces from 0.2kg to 170kg. The maximum operating temperatures are between 80°C and 450°C. Deep pot magnets can be screwed, glued or pressed in.

Deep pot magnets are available in various designs such as:

  • with internal thread
  • with external thread
  • with fit tolerance h6
  • with machinable holding surface

Our bar gripper systems are optimally adaptable to your needs and are perfectly suited for use in machine, tool and fixture construction. They are also used in other various industries for holding, clamping, transporting and lifting ferrous workpieces.

Application examples:

  • Holding doors and flaps on ovens, machines and furniture.
  • Fixing of moulded parts in tools and devices
  • Fixing of installations on formwork tables
  • As a contact element for current conduction
  • Holding measuring devices
  • Holding of metal parts for spray painting