Pot magnets - Flat pot magnets

Flat pot magnets are magnet systems in which the raw magnet is embedded centrally in a steel pot. This significantly increases the holding force. Flat pot magnets are used especially where low installation heights, design or high holding forces are required.

Our pot magnets - flat pot magnets with high holding force!

Our flat pot magnets, also called pot magnets , consist of at least two parts. The raw magnet and the metal pot. The raw magnet is placed in the centre of the pot in order to create a homogeneous magnetic flux and to achieve high holding forces. In the standard range, diameters of 6-125mm with holding forces between 250g and 175kg are offered. Depending on the design, the metal pots are turned from bars or stamped from strip steel. Gaps between the raw magnet and the pot are often used to avoid magnetic short circuits and loss of holding force. These gaps are filled with plastic in the further course of production to prevent contamination in the application. The maximum operating temperature varies, depending on the article group and design, between 80 and 350°C. Standard systems made of stainless steel enable use in special applications. Pot magnets with internal thread, external thread, cylinder bore or counterbore are available for further installation.

Application examples:

  • Feeding and fixing of moulded parts
  • Stand for luminaires
  • Locking of metal parts
  • Holding parts in the painting process
  • Closing of oven doors