Magnetic filters and magnetic wheels

Filter magnets are those magnet systems in which iron particles are attracted from liquids or bulk materials by means of a large magnetic field. Magnetic filters are used, for example, in the recycling industry, in the cleaning or processing of liquids or granulates and in the food industry.

Magnetic wheels are those magnetic systems that are particularly suitable for the suspended and horizontal transport of preferably sheet metals. However, tubes and profiles can also be reliably transported with magnetic wheels. Magnetic wheels are typically used in the printing industry and in manufacturing plants as well as in metalworking and processing companies.

Magnetic filter to filter out impurities and magnetic wheels for transport!

Magnetic filter grids are mainly used to separate ferrous foreign bodies from fine and granular materials. They are used in pipe systems, hoppers and chutes and find application in the plastics, wood, glass, ceramics and food industries. They are also used in the recovery of metals. The magnetic grids attract the ferrous material and do not interfere with the production flow. They ensure a smooth production process without ferrous residues. All filter components that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel for high wear and corrosion resistance.

Permanent magnetic wheels, also known as magnetic rollers, transport sheets, tubes and profiles made of ferromagnetic materials, even under difficult conditions, both horizontally and vertically. They attract the metal part to be conveyed and take over the function of a pressure roller.

Application examples:

  • Filtering metal particles from grain and nuts

  • Filtering metal particles from plastic granulates or wood chips

  • Holding clichés on printing rollers
  • Lifting and conveying stacked sheet metal parts

  • Transporting conveyed goods in inclined position or on vertical roller conveyors