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Magnet technology - Plastic technology – Metalworking

As a leading manufacturer of permanent magnetic assemblies, we have been a one-stop shop since 1963.
We design, construct and manufacture our own tools and products; we produce individual stamping and deep-drawn parts, plastic injection moulding components and we even assemble magnet systems, all at one location in Hardt, Germany. 

With a modern machines and equipment, innovative product concepts and a high level of expertise, we manufacture several million magnet systems at “Made in Germany” seal of excellence annually.

An extensive inventory of standard products ensures that your order will be processed quickly and flexibly. Our delivery capacity ranges from individual components to even large-scale order volumes.

The application areas of permanent magnetic assemblies range from the automotive industry, lighting and medical technology, the construction industry to interior design purposes, advertising materials and nameplates.

"We offer innovative magnetic solutions that are specially customised for your area of application.”
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