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We consider ourselves a member of the local community, so it is important to us to assume social responsibility for the Hardt region and its surroundings. Our actions are based on the principles of sustainability and responsibility.

We are committed to our employees, their health, their education and our local community. 
We therefore support the most diverse projects and actions.

Educational partnership with the Schramberg secondary school

The partnership between the school and the company on site represents an outstanding opportunity for the company to convey to the younger generation the great importance of business and the economy. Also, it will help students understand and experience economic and business relationships first hand.
Above all, however this educational partnership with the Schramberg grammar school promotes a living dialogue between business and school. Presentations given by local businesses on the necessary educational and work skills can help students understand the practical importance of learning and obtaining one's school leaving certificates.
Joint educational events are meant to help break-down preconceptions and cliches and to intensify mutual understanding. Cooperation can be further boosted by presentations on career opportunities at informational events like "Choosing a Career and Training," job application workshops as well as supporting technical and practical projects, such as a weather station.

Newspaper sponsoring campaign for better learning:

Albert Einstein once said of himself “I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious.” Now not everyone who is curious is an Einstein. Yet to become knowledgeable and to create something new from this knowledge, you need information. And your daily newspaper is full of it. To satisfy the curious mind, everything is interesting. We have joined the “Newspaper Sponsor” campaign because we want to give Schramberg secondary school students the chance to follow in Einstein's footsteps.

Technolino: Technology for Kids

Educational partnership with the St. Elisabeth Hardt Catholic kindergarten.

Under the motto “Explore, Research and Discover,” kindergartners dive into the world of technology, visit participating companies and get hands-on experience.

Schreinerei Flaig (joinery), Laufer GmbH and Brugger have partnered up to establish a joint project during which employees work together with the children to build a model train set. The children are able to get practical experience by working on the project at the different company locations, which also helps them form initial impressions of the "working world." The children help to sand and drill the wooden elements for the train set at the Flaig joinery. At Brugger, the children are allowed to magnetize the magnets for the trains and assemble the finished couplings onto the train cars and the locomotive. Lastly, the children complete the trains and wagon cars at Laufer by machining the rotating parts, so that the trains can finally be fitted for their wheels.

Every year, the children who participate get very involved in this building project and for the sponsoring companies, it has meanwhile become an annual event. Through the three partner companies, the train set becomes a wonderful product that is built by the children themselves through much dexterity, knowledge and joy.

Practical Music-Playing in Primary School Campaign

Partnership with Musikschule Schramberg e. V. 
(Schramberg Music School)

Music lessons in school have moved increasingly to the margins of the lesson plan. Practical music-playing benefits and promotes:
  • positive personality development
  • good social skills
  • teamwork when playing music in a group

In the “Schramberg Model,” children in primary one and two learn how to make music practically with the use of their own voice. Starting in primary 3, children are taught to play the recorder in order to learn how to read notes. After a comprehensive introduction to musical instruments by the music school, children in primary 4 can then decide which instrument they would be interested in learning how to play.