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Mission statement

Our mission statement expresses the vision and values of our company

It directs our thoughts and actions and reflects how we move within our social and economic environment. We all want to be on the same page. The following guidelines help us stay on track.

Brugger Leitbild
Dependability toward our customers and suppliers is an important element of a good business relationship. We not only expect dependability from our business partners, we demand it of ourselves.
is the basis of everything that happens at Brugger GmbH. We are honest with ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and our suppliers.
In principle, we trust everyone, but we also expect to be trusted.
Fairness in dealing with one another and with our customers and suppliers is an important element of our daily work.
We want to foster and develop the skills and expertise of each individual employee. We want reliable employees of strong character who are passionate and can convey their passion to others.
We treat everyone with respect and appreciation, regardless of their origin, political or religious beliefs and background.
Everything we do should have a goal, including what we do on a regular basis and/or refrain from doing on purpose.
We are a family-friendly company. We want our employees to find the right family-work balance to meet their needs.
Brugger GmbH strives to be a valuable partner for employees who count on a stable job, but who sometimes need support that goes beyond standard benefits and perks.
Employee motivation is a challenge that we love to meet. The self motivated employee does what has to be done to accomplish the company's common goals.
Enjoying one's job means coming to work with a positive attitude, having fun and finding pleasure in sharing with others, including both colleagues, customers and suppliers.
Good health is very important. The health of our employees is a major company priority because it helps to ensure their ong-term career. This is why we want to establish a conscious approach to employee health. Management and staff listen to each other‘s ideas and the company has regular offers on exercise, relaxation, and nutrition.
Economic viability should be at the forefront of all our dealings and activities.
Selling a solution means more than just the actual sale of a product or service. Our customers get more than a simple product, they also receive services and solutions for their applications.
Added value should come from within the company, from cooperation with our partners in developing solutions and from a values system honoured by everyone.
Sustainability is important to us when it comes to developing and manufacturing goods, procuring materials and disposing of waste as well as the economic viability of the activity. We think about our future and the future of our children.
The Gewinner Region (Winner) is how the Rottweil, Schwarzwald-Baar and Tuttlingen region is often referred to. We are proud to be a part of this economically powerful area and contribute daily toward maintaining and improving the quality of life here.
Living up to VALUES creates added value.
Home is where we work hard to SHAPE products.
We want to shape the FUTURE.

Our vision: