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Holding force

Our magnetic assemblies are a combination of magnets and steel housings. Different mounting combinations allow an increase of the holding force.

You will find the list of the different possibilities in the below drawings. The reference value ist he value for a magnet alone.

Magnet alone

Factor 1

Magnet with a steel sheet

Magnetkern Eisenrückschluss
approx. Factor 1,3

Magnet with a steel sheet and a central pole

Magnetkern Eisenrückschluss Mittelpol
approx. Factor 4,5

Magnet with a U shape steel piece

Magnetkern in U-Form
approx. Factor 5,5

Magnet within a round steel housing

Magnetkern in Eisenrundgehäuse
approx. Factor 6

Ring magnet with steel housing and central pole

Ringmagnet in Eisengehäuse mit Mittelpol
approx. Factor 7

AlNiCo rods within a steel housing (Bar magnets)

Magnetstab aus AlNiCo in Eisen-Rundgehäuse
approx. Factor 7,5

Magnets with polar pieces

Magnetkern mit Polschuhen
approx. Factor 16