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Flat pot magnets of Samarium-Cobalt (SmCo)

Flat pot magnets of SmCo, stainless steel body, with external thread, seal-welded, up to 350 °C

These magnetic systems are very well suited for permanent outdoor use. Short-term underwater use is also possible. When used in paint shops, they can be chemically or thermally cleaned. The systems withstand a high thermal load and therefore are usable as fittings on oven doors.The high quality of the stainless steel housing also allows the use in the production of dairy products.

Our magnetic systems with stainless steel housings are versatile due to their excellent properties.The completely closed and tightly welded stainless steel sleeve in quality 1.4404 is well resistant to corrosion, acids and alkalis. The SmCo magnetic core also has a temperature resistance of 350°C. The uniform threaded mount simplifies the changeover to the different dimensions.

As an alternative to our standard product we offer:
» other thread sizes and thread lengths
» cover in stainless steel 1.4301 or 1.4571

Article number D mm H mm Thread MxL Force* N Weight g Temperature °C  
new MS016SCAG06rh00 16+0.2/-0.2 7+0.2/-0.2 M6x8 6.5 12 350
new MS020SCAG06rh01 20+0.2/-0.2 7.5+0.2/-0.2 M6x10 20 20 350
new MS025SCAG06rh00 25+0.2/-0.2 7.5+0.2/-0.2 M6x10 30 30 350
new MS032SCAG06rh00 32+0.2/-0.2 8+0.2/-0.2 M6x10 77 51 350
SSNT 1000h