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Set Basic for box wagon, 77 parts, 22 of which are high-quality magnetic systems with a holding force of 2.5 - 25 kg

This smart magnetic box is the ideal beginner set for all box wagon drivers. FlexiMags allows you to fasten objects to the outside of the vehicle with great ease - quickly, flexibly, reliably. All magnetic systems are provided with a white rubber jacket, thus preventing scratches and residues on the vehicle body. Whether light, socket, outdoor shower, TV set or a simple clothes hook - everything is fastened quickly and safely with FlexiMags. You want to fasten a mirror or an antenna? You want to attach a wind skirt or a shelf? You're okay if you have a FlexiMags toolbox. Now it's your turn, what's your application?

This practical and robust plastic box is filled with 22 high-quality, rubber-coated magnetic systems "Made in Germany", which, very conveniently, can be adhered to the edge of the box. This produces order and clarity. The box contains the following magnetic systems:
8 magnetic systems ø18 mm, M4 thread, holding force 2.5 kg each *
8 magnetic systems ø22 mm, M4 thread, holding force 3.8 kg each *
4 magnetic systems ø43 mm, M4 thread, holding force 10 kg each *
2 magnetic systems ø66 mm, M6 thread, holding force 25 kg each *

The set is rounded off by a range of accessories, such as cable holders, cable binders, metal clamps, handles, eyelets and hooks. Uniform M4 and M6 threaded receptacles can be used to combine many parts.

95,90 € (inkl. MwSt.)
Article number L cm B cm H cm Weight kg  
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