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Magnetic filter bars of hard ferrite or NdFeB

Magnetic filter bars made ø40mm of hard ferrite, bilateral female thread, stainless steel housing 1.4301

Filter systems easily separate iron particles and chips being produced by abrasion or soiling from the material. Due to the even stainless steel enclosure, these particles can be simply removed later on (wiping or compressed air). Filters work reliably and almost wear-free. This extends the useful life of the production line and prevents the risk of expensive maintenance and cleaning work.

The above mentioned filter bars are our standard designs. Here the end pieces are not sealed tight and therefore only suitable for dry applications.

Not available ex stock, manufactured on demand.

Alternative to the standard we also offer individual solutions:
» Seal-welded model for use in liquids (e.g. water, coolant)
» Other fastening options (e.g. external, internal threads and threads measured in inches)
» High-quality stainless steel enclosure for use in food production
» Increasing the max. operating temperature up to 350 °C
» Manufacture of individual, not standardised lengths up to 2000 mm
Article number D mm L mm Thread MxL Temperature °C  
MS040HFA-08rh00 40 100 M8x8 200
MS040HFA-08rh01 40 150 M8x8 200
MS040HFA-08rh02 40 200 M8x8 200
MS040HFA-08rh03 40 250 M8x8 200
MS040HFA-08rh04 40 300 M8x8 200
MS040HFA-08rh05 40 350 M8x8 200
MS040HFA-08rh06 40 400 M8x8 200
MS040HFA-08rh07 40 450 M8x8 200
MS040HFA-08rh08 40 500 M8x8 200
MS040HFA-08rh09 40 550 M8x8 200
MS040HFA-08rh10 40 600 M8x8 200
SSNT 720h