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Raw magnets of Samarium-Cobalt (SmCo)

Ring magnet of SmCo

SmCo magnets can be produced in almost every size and without tool costs. Even very small quantities are possible. The surface is blank. The specified temperature refers to the maximum operating temperature of the material. The resistance may be reduced due to the geometry.

As an alternative to our standard product we offer:
» customised dimensions
» modified directions of magnetisation
» other types of magnetisation
» further qualities
» additional coating (e.g. zinc-plated, nickel-plated, epoxy-coated)

Article number Grade D mm d mm H mm Magnetization Force* N Weight g Temperature °C  
MS2ARm15x8x3.5 RCS26H 15+0.1/-0.1 8+0.1/-0.1 3.5+0.1/-0.1 axially 23 3.7 350
MS2ARm18x8x4 RCS26H 18+0.1/-0.1 8+0.1/-0.1 4+0.1/-0.1 axially 31 6.7 350
MS2ARm24x11x4 RCS26H 24+0.1/-0.1 11+0.1/-0.1 4+0.1/-0.1 axially 51 12 350
new RM032SCRi99rh00 RCS26H 32+0.1/-0.1 10.5+0.1/-0.1 4+0.1/-0.1 axially 77 24 350
Magnetized via the height (H)