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Used in many sectors

Automotive industry

  • Positioning of monitoring cameras and scanners
  • Oil drain plugs
  • Door-stays, e.g. for small transporters

Office equipment and advertising industry

  • Advertising panels on car roofs Name plates
  • Vehicle signage (fixation of car wrapping foil)
  • Fixation of notes, documents and photos on memo boards, magnetic strips
  • Magnetic key ring

Retail industry and booth construction

  • Suspension of ceilings
  • Mounting brackets for signs and decoration
  • Shelf labelling
  • Information plates in the retail sector
  • Name plates
  • Booth construction – magnetically interlocking partition walls or floor surfaces

Lighting technology

  • Base for luminaires, hand-held lamps, signal lights
  • Flexible fixation of the luminaire (magnetic articulation)

Mechanical engineering

  • Fixation of workpieces in tools
  • Cable routing on steel beams; machines
  • Suspension of switch cabinets
  • Holding of pressure plates, sheet metal covering, compressed air guns, etc.
  • Switching of sensors, e.g. position inquiry
  • Sorting technology e.g. recycling plants

Metal-working industry

  • Sheet transport
  • Magnetic welding aid
  • Chip collection
  • Material testing (magnetic/not-magnetic)
  • Fixation of sheet metal parts
  • Separation of stacked metal sheets

Food industry

  • Filtering of metal particles out of liquids / foodstuffs (e.g. cereals)

Medical technology/dentistry

  • Dentistry – construction of dental implants
  • Fixation of implants e.g. eye prosthesis

Furniture industry

  • Keeping flaps, covers and doors shut, for example sauna doors and infrared cabins
  • Safety locks
  • Door-stays

Shipbuilding industry

  • Keeping flaps and covers shut
  • Magnetic welding aid

Wind power

  • Cable routing on wind towers
  • Fixation (e.g. antennas, lighting, ladders, control cabinets) on wind towers