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Environment and Sustainability

The environment and sustainability have been on our minds for a long time. Company founder Rudolf Brugger grew up on a country manor practicing forest management in Germany's Black Forest region. This enabled him to learn what sustainability means from a young age.

We humans live both with and on the foundation that is our planet. It's unlikely we'll be able to leave it anytime soon, so it only makes sense to stand up for the protection and preservation of the very foundation of our life, our earth. At Brugger, it's what we do.

The economy is driven by people, for people. We know that treating one another in an appreciative and respectful way, both within and outside the company, leads to sustainable positive economic results. Taking your ecological footprint into account when calculating your overall costs, for example, is a value we live by. We achieved CO2 neutrality for the first time in 2019 and will continue on this path going forward. We've consistently reduced our own CO2 footprint over the past few years and would like our entire supply chain to accompany us on the path to CO2 neutrality as well. We want to set an example and hope that many others will follow it.

Time is short, the goal is ambitious, and global warming continues unabated. Each and every one of us is called upon to reduce potential harmful impacts however we can. In our view, companies have an especially significant responsibility in this regard. We have to serve as an example and show others that it does indeed work.

In this "Environment and sustainability" section, we've compiled a host of topics on cooperation involving "thinking globally and acting locally". We're very proud of them.

Sustainability report from our company

As part of the validation process in accordance with EMAS, for example, we prepared an environment statement which describes and presents our environmental policies, environmental actions, and the structure and procedures of our environmental management system. In 2013, we integrated our environment statement into the newly published sustainability report as part of a CSR project for the first time. Ever since then, we've created a new sustainability report each year.

Let this inspire and excite you. We think about our future and the future of our children.



Video of the Environmental Award Baden-Württemberg 2020