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What makes us a climate-neutral company?

Brugger GmbH is one of the first companies in our industry to voluntarily offset its emissions in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol.

Why is it important to counteract climate change?

The effects of man-made climate change are now clearly noticeable. The obligation of politicians and companies to do something about it is growing. As a company, we therefore see it as our responsibility to create a world in which global warming is minimised. This can significantly only be achieved by reducing the CO2 emissions of the economy in industrialised countries.

The greenhouse gas emissions that we cause through the activities of our company as well as upstream products are determined by Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG. We feel fully responsible for the emissions on our premises and those caused by the transport of products and compensate accordingly by purchasing certificates.

Our goal is to operate with a low carbon footprint: For example, we purchase renewable electricity and our heating systems are powered by heat recovery, district heating via wood chips and wood pellets. Thanks to such efforts, we achieved a value of 54.3t CO2 in 2022 - which is very good for a company of our size. To put this into perspective, the average German produces about 11.6 tonnes of CO2 a year through their lifestyle.

Since greenhouse gases are evenly distributed in the atmosphere, they do not necessarily have to be compensated where they are produced. For emerging and developing countries, emissions trading is an essential driver for the transfer of clean technologies and sustainable economic development. Therefore, it makes sense to support projects in emerging and developing countries to improve the economic, social and ecological situation.

The greenhouse gas balance sheet prepared for Brugger provides a transparent overview of all greenhouse gas emissions of our company. The emissions are divided into 3 so-called "scopes": Scope 1 - Direct emissions in operations, Scope 2 - Indirect emissions through purchased energy and Scope 3 - Other indirect emissions are taken into account.
Based on the values determined for us and by purchasing twice the amount of climate certificates, our company was made greenhouse gas neutral. For the compensation of our greenhouse gases, we have received the award "climate-neutral company".