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FairMagnet – CSR for magnetic products

FairMagnet – adding value by appreciation

„Appreciate your employees and they will be your treasure“, this could be a brief summary about what‘s behind the idea of FairMagnet.

By improving working conditions at our supplier‘s plants in China, we want to increase quality of life for the people on site and hereby the quality of our products. People who like going to work and feel being respected will include this in their activity.
A good reason for Brugger to launch the initiative for creating the label „FairMagnet“. First successes have been noticed after the Chinese Spring Festival. At the end of these most important Chinese holidays, when all families of the whole country are coming together, a return to work is not at all usual as it is in Europe. Often only decent working conditions, a fair payment and a good safety at work can motivate to a return journey of sometimes more than 1000 kilometers. The high rate of returnees shows the success of our suppliers. The result is a small fluctuation of staff, which ensures a high quality of our products. We as a pioneer would like to promote this with the „FairMagnet“-label.

FairMagnet – what‘s about it?

„Business economists also are political economists“

As a company which is aware of environement and responsibility, the fulfilment of standards on our site is obvious and one part of our true corporate philosophy.
However, we would like also to shape the future, because we believe that today‘s investments into people and environement will be the harvest of tomorrow. Our aim with FairMagnet is to promote the compliance of ecological, economical and social standards on the whole supply chain. As China at the moment is the only provider for magnets, our focus especially is on the introduction of sustainable conditions of production on our supplier‘s side. That includes environement protection as well as the individual safety at work. More security means less accidents at work.
The Chinese governement more and more closes plants of known polluters. With the fulfilement of the required standards, our suppliers are not affected with such measures.

FairMagnet – who controls it?

The non-commercial project of Corporate Socaial Responsibility (short: CSR-project) „FairMagnet“ is a volunteer industrial confederation, which works close together with academic institutions, government institutions and non-government organisations.

The certification happens in several steps and is processed by the Environment, Health and Safety Academy of the well-known Nanjing University. The University holds a mandate of the Chinese government to support manufacturers at the improvement of environement protection and safety at work.

FairMagnet – what‘s its use?

„We receive what we order“

Besides above mentioned advantages for employees and environement, a fair production process has other advantages. Grace to the close cooperation with our suppliers we learn exactly which efforts they are able to do and which not. Our suppliers do not refuse smallest orders and even in times of crises we are supplied with priority.