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Plant for the Planet - the Brugger Forest is created!

"Plant for the planet" is a foundation founded in February 2007 by Felix Finkbeiner, then a nine-year-old schoolboy, as a children's and youth initiative aimed primarily at children and young people.

We as the Brugger company have already supported this campaign several times in the past years: by issuing Tree Cards to our employees. Through these Tree Cards, we created our own Brugger Forest with 1,152 trees in Mexico (Yucatán Peninsula) in 2016.
In the meantime, we have also been able to generously expand our Brugger Forest through a private donation from the Brugger family. We now have a total of 14,652 trees in our forest.
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We are also pleased that the Brugger family has also supported the foundation's work. This involves the training and promotion of ambassadors for climate justice.
Donation from Sibylle Brugger