BRUGGER GmbH inspires girls for technical professions at Girlsday

Apr 21, 2023


On this year's Girls' Day, BRUGGER GmbH gave 3 girls the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of technical professions.

The participants were able to get to know all the technical areas of the company and learn about the different professions that can be practised in these areas.

In keeping with the theme of sustainability and environmental awareness, the participants were given the opportunity to build a solar-powered sunflower that rotates through a small drive motor. Under the guidance of trainees and experts from the company, the girls were able to put their talent to the test, learning not only manual skills but also important basics of electronics and solar technology.

In addition to the practical work, the participants also had the opportunity to take an informative tour of the company and learn about various technical professions. The girls gained insights into areas such as development, technical purchasing, technical sales and construction. The various production facilities such as toolmaking, CNC turning, plastic injection moulding and stamping were also visited and presented.

The special highlight was the self-made workpiece, a solar-powered sunflower, which the participants were delighted with at the end of the day. When saying goodbye and giving feedback, the girls stated that they could well imagine taking up a technical profession later on.

BRUGGER GmbH has been committed to promoting young talent for many years and offers internships and apprenticeships. Girls' Day is an important way of getting young girls interested in technical professions and showing them the prospects.

"We look forward to welcoming interested girls to our company again next year," says toolmaking manager Jörg Fischer. "Girlsday is a first step in the right direction to see more women in technical professions and make use of their career opportunities."

BRUGGER GmbH is committed to helping more women gain a foothold in technical professions and take advantage of their career opportunities. Girlsday is an important building block in achieving this goal.