Brugger is once again an "Attractive Employer"!

Dec 20, 2022


High distinction from the German Association of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses: Brugger has received the "Attractive Employer" seal for the fourth time in a

These are difficult times in troubled waters that are currently causing problems for companies. All the more reason for the magnet specialist to be pleased about the award shortly before the end of the year. "We are proud to have made it this far again," say managing directors Thomas Brugger and Georg Brugger-Efinger, expressing their satisfaction with the achievement. Especially in view of the difficult general conditions. "Corona and the Ukraine war does something to people," says Brugger.
And people, in this case the 125 employees at Brugger GmbH, are the focus of the audit by Hugo Frey. Here, the aspects of leadership and corporate culture, training and further education, family friendliness, health management as well as the remuneration and recognition system are examined and summarised in a final report.
Frey also knows that external influences play an important role: "In the Corona crisis, communication basically suffered." And: the uncertainty when looking into the future, the economic developments and the inflation rate had an impact on the perception of the employees, "that influenced the survey".
The fact that in the end an excellent silver seal (Frey: "actually, it's already shimmering gold") came out of it is a strong signal and a "top performance", as the auditor points out. No handful of companies that have been examined by him so far can boast such results.
This is also confirmed by Klaus Zeiler, head of the BVMW Constance and Tuttlingen district association, who accompanied the audit. The largest association for entrepreneurs in Germany had taken over the "Attractive Employer" project from the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce and is raising the significance of the seal to a new level. Zeiler: "As a federal association, we are proud to be able to award the first company with silver - and the bar is now very high." As the "voice of small and medium-sized businesses", he says, staff are naturally a major concern, in addition to the current challenges with the energy crisis and supply chains.
And this is where Brugger GmbH is convincing. Because the company currently does not have a single vacancy - a special achievement in view of the shortage of skilled workers. "We have laid the groundwork over years to become an attractive employer of workers," explains Brugger. Eva-Maria Rapp, Head of Human Resources and Marketing at the company, attributes this in particular to the flexibility in working hours and the compatibility of family and career. She explains, "We also have to be creative when hiring new staff." At the magnet specialist, personality and individual potential have long been included in the recruiting process when it comes to determining which applicants are suitable. "We don't just look at qualifications," says Rapp.
Meanwhile, Managing Director Brugger considers the impulses thanks to the final report, which also points out development opportunities, to be important. Brugger-Efinger also sees the network that has been built up with the seal as an enrichment: "It allows us to exchange ideas on the topics that concern us." The goal is clear: Brugger Magnetsysteme should continue to develop regardless of the current challenges - and remain a top employer in the region.

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