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Children's hospice project

Vision Projekt Sternschnuppe - A bright place for severely disabled children and young people in the Black Forest-Baar district. Here they and their families find support, hope and relief around the clock. Unfortunately, there are far too few facilities like this one. Yet the need is constantly increasing - there are over 2,000 affected families in the region alone.

Help make this vision a reality. Every contribution counts to enable these families to lead a dignified and fulfilling life.
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Project to help the homeless

The warming centre in Suppengasse in Rottweil is a place of hope, confidence and togetherness. The volunteers put their heart and soul into making every guest feel welcome and respected.
The centre offers breakfast, lunch, the opportunity to read the newspaper, do laundry and, of course, chat. Medical care is also offered.

With your donation, you can make a big difference and give disadvantaged people a warm place to stay, hope and a smile in difficult times.
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Environmental protection project

Sea turtles in fishing nets, dolphins with plastic bags in their stomachs, seabirds building nests out of fishing lines - these images show the alarming extent of marine pollution caused by plastic waste. Entire ecosystems such as coral reefs, which are being suffocated by plastic bags, or seagrass meadows, which are being damaged by microplastics, are suffering from the effects. It is high time to stop plastic waste. WWF is fighting worldwide to reduce the amount of plastic waste and improve waste collection systems. Would you like to find out more?

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